Peonia Senes are the Residences for Seniors of the Group.

Peonia Senes Residences are long term service dwellings, based on the latest progress in the concept of Holistic Wellness and Wellbeing, incorporated with the latest progress in the concept of Wellness Real Estate and Science of Longevity.

Some of the residences integrate the very beneficiary concept of inter-generation relations.
All is done to provide the most and also the ultimate rejuvenating life.
Peonia Senes is built on the design principles of Peonia Gaia.

Technical Data
Although each Residence might slightly change, one from another, all are created around a common core of activities and principles.
All fully handicapped friendly.

The Avyanna non invasive treatments regrouping:
  • An evaluation/ coaching room
  • A 24/7 medical assistant
  • Dry massage and dry treatments such as compressing therapy
  • Light and sound therapy room
  • Hyperbaric chamber with oxygen therapy room
  • Cryotherapy chamber
  • Detoxification room
  • Float with sound and light therapy
  • Far infrared sauna
  • Pro aging rooms for body
  • Pro aging room for facial
  • An exercise pool
  • A TenX engineered exercise room, with gravity plate and vacuum equipment
  • Oxygen and singlet oxygen
  • Daily step by step accountability partner:
    • Personal or online daily follow up through qualified staff.
    • Membership on Avyanna APP.
  • Rooms for classes and various training

Large gardens with various pool types:

Our food outlet, Prasada, following our ‘from farm to table’ principal, offering organic food Cultural and creative activities:
  • Music room
  • Painting, Sculpture…Room
  • Library

Studios and Apartments build on the wellness real estate principals: