The word Prasada is a Sanskrit name which means “food of the Gods”. We chose it as it really expresses the importance that food has in the health of everyone. What we eat, how we eat it is so very important.

In Peonia, we always combine all our projects with food produced in a conscious and biological way. For most of our centers, a farm based on Permaculture is a full part of the project.

“We are greatly what we eat” and the importance of the quality and the type of food we eat, are essential factors in the architecture of our health and well-being. It is also a mean of fighting the propagation of chronic diseases, is not to be proven. Food to be used in a therapeutic way.
Prasada is the nutritional arm of Peonia. The third pillar of its principles. Prasada and Avyanna cannot be separated. Some of the main tests offered in Avyanna are those aiming at balancing the biome. A healthy biome being the core of health.

Prasada is:
  • Our main food outlets in each of our branches.
  • Our delivery services for healthy food.
  • Our Permaculture farms.

Definition of Permaculture:
Permaculture agriculture is simply a process of farming that works in tandem with natural forces like wind, sun, and water that provide food, shelter, and water. By this method, the fruits are grown close to the consumers so that the waste can be brought back to the farmland easily. The distance between the consumer and farmland is thereby reduced.