OPA Foundation (under establishment) is actively a member of ConnectAId The International Solidarity Network.

Through her social engagement, Carmen Keller, is an ambassador of the ConnectAID network. .

"For me, being part of ConnectAID, and working side by side with its amazing founder Gaelle Mogli, is giving a greater dimension to my life, knowing that we are impacting so many lives, at each moment", C.Keller.

ConnectAID launched the International Solidarity Network!

It is a social media hub dedicated to humanitarian aid, environmental action and sustainable development, free for all individuals who wish to make a difference out there. (International organizations, NGOs and corporations are also invited to join as special registered members)

ConnectAID goal is to reinvent international solidarity and support the crucial work of NGOs around the world. Think of us as a network of networks, with a big team of passionate community advocates from all over the world, very active on social media, an academy of youth and teachers, a team of coordinators organizing online conferences to break silos and create synergies, lots of different support programs for nonprofit organizations... In brief, we connect people.
Solidarity become a norm. And we’d like to continue doing it, with you!

"During the past three years, I have been impressed with ConnectAID's innovative approach to leveraging technology and communication to connect people and nonprofits in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. As a leader in the business world, I believe it is our responsibility to give back to society, and partnering with ConnectAID is a valuable investment in building a better future for all. I strongly encourage other corporations to join the ConnectAID community and join us in the journey towards creating a more equitable and sustainable world."
- [Founder of Peonia Holding]

See you on the network, and thank you for spreading the news!