The Story Behind

Once a young child grown up with her grand-parents in a wonderful inter-generational relation, in which all flourished from this interaction. From this a dream was born to create not only a simple orphanage, but more a foundation which would reproduce the pattern of this blessed childhood. OPA is born from this desire and in its turn gave birth to Peonia.

OPA (Foundation Emile and Berthe Keller) is a global foundation created around the desire to provide for the underprivileged children and elderlies an equivalent care as to Peonia, and to help a community to flourish by focusing on empowering its women and offering an integrated education to the less privileged.
W-Health is the birth right to ALL human souls on this planet, beyond any social, gender, race, religion…
That is what OPA and Peonia stands for! This is our commitment to humanity and our communities!!!

Each OPA Center might have its very personal identity matching the cultural background in which it is implemented, but all are built on shared values, which transcript in:

  • An orphanage adjacent with a House for Seniors with a center specialized in receiving women in precarious states
  • Activities rooms and workshops
  • A library and meeting rooms
  • Rooms and dormitories
  • A permaculture farm to provide bio food
  • Clinics opened to the outside
  • All OPA centers are pet friendly, as pets are an important addition to enhance the joy of life, for both, seniors and children

Reaching Out and Empowering
OPA has a duty of education. The foundation, through its NGOs is offering various educational tools. The domains touched are diverse with a same aim of empowering at different Levels:
  • Health courses
  • Nutrition Courses
  • Life Style Courses
  • Abuse and limiting believes coaching, delivered to all, but targeting abused children and women (all levels of mental, physical abuse).
Empowering Women
Carmen P.Keller, the founder of Peonia and OPA, is passionate about women (girls) empowering. Since the inception of her Design company, she had only been employing women and the studio is offering internships to an important batch of fresh graduates each year.

Through her studies of Personal Growth tools, Wholistic Coaching practices, and specially NLP, she is helping numerous persons, mainly girls and women.

OPA has the ambition to create a full center for training women (in various languages, countries, where OPA NGOs, are implemented to teach them Wholistic Coaching and NLP).

A bolder goal is to create a core of coaches specialized in hard abuses, mental, physical, the last reaching out to persons, children, girls and women in areas where rape is used as a rape weapon.