The hubs are answering all the needs of our hipster clients who are looking to integrating Biohacking in their active, professional and social life style, while enhancing their performance, to live a life at the highest level: body, mind and soul.

What is Biohacking?
“Biohacking is really all about self-improvement, and there are numerous ways to incorporate the methods of biohacking your body and mind into your daily routine.

Biohacking your body means changing your chemistry and your physiology through science and self-experimentation to increase energy and vitality."
By team Tony Robbins.

Ultimately, Biohacking induces a process of anti-stress and anti-aging.

Technical Data sheet
  • A Biohacking center, encompassing some of the essentials in the field.
  • An evaluation room.
  • A float with sound and light therapy.
  • A far infrared sauna with red light.
  • A hyperbaric chamber with oxygen therapy.
  • A cryotherapy chamber.
  • Dry massage and dry treatments such as compressing therapy.
  • A TenX engineered exercise room, some with vacuum equipment.
  • Locker rooms for men and women.
  • An oxygen and singlet oxygen bar.
  • Co working space with a Prasada,“ farm to table“ organic food and beverage outlet, a la carte and buffet.
  • Two meeting rooms of 8 PAX each, which can be joined to hold up to 25/30 PAX. Adjacent buffet.
  • Reception with a Pro Shop.