Peonia Wholistic Residential Suites are providing all the needs of our clients, who are looking to push their performance to their utter best in all aspects of their life, in the comfort of their home. Ultimately what we are offering in our Residential center is a biohacking approach to life.

Technical Data Sheet
Each of our centers is offering a panel of totally fine tuned treatments based upon personal evaluation. The core of our treatments includes (but is not limited to):
  • An evaluation/ coaching room.
  • A pantry with activator for alimentation, full stocks supplements…
  • Dry massage and dry treatments such as compressing therapy.
  • A TenX engineered exercise room, with gravity plate and vacuum equipment.
  • A light and sound therapy.
  • A hyperbaric chamber with oxygen therapy.
  • A cryotherapy chamber.
  • A detoxification room.
  • A float with sound and light therapy.
  • Far infrared sauna.
  • Bathroom including:
    • Shower equipped with swiss shower.
    • Steam room.
    • Plunge with jacuzzi.
  • Oxygen and singlet oxygen.
  • Daily full follow up, day by day, through qualified staff and its APP.