Today we are so thrilled to launch our coaching program: Wholistic Coaching and Mentoring as one of the tools that Peonia is offering to enhance your life.

Wholistic Coaching and Mentoring is one of the main pillars of all of our programs, offered both as a learning and accountability tool.

One of the core foundations of our Coaching and Mentoring is the Holobody certification by Evercoach Mindvalley.

Let us introduce the principles of the Holobody certification in the own words of Evercoach Mindvalley

“ Imagine a life where peak health and fitness is your natural, effortless, struggle-free normal, No more fighting yourself to eat and exercise right. No more broken New Year resolutions or post-holiday slumps. And no more experimenting with yet another fitness or diet fad, hopelessly hoping this time things will be different.

All these struggles are no longer necessary because of one simple fact: By harnessing emerging science in fields like biology, nutrition, and fitness, you can not only rapidly achieve peak health and fitness: but sustain it effortlessly for a lifetime.

The invitation you are about to discover on this page is your key to first achieving this lifelong body breakthrough.

This opportunity is especially for you if you’re: Looking to transform your own health and fitness without the frustration, inconsistent results and endless sacrifice that comes with most other approaches to nutrition and exercise.
The truth about the global health crisis, it is more than just a virus.
The latest trends and statistics show there’s a lot more to be concerned about than only the pandemic.

For instance:
  • Global obesity rates have more than tripled since 1975: over one billion people are now clinically obese.
  • People with disease, aging, and lifestyle-related mobility issues are now the second largest minority in the U.S., with over 18 million spread out across U.S. and Canada.
  • Although life expectancy rates are increasing rapidly, many key quality of life markers (including physical mobility and mental health) have either stagnated or decreased.
  • Prevalence of chronic pain is rising year after year, with more than one in five adults now experiencing it regularly.
  • Modern lifestyles and global events have triggered a sharp increase in stress and anxiety: over 70% of Americans today struggle with the physical and mental effects of stress.
  • Cancer diagnoses continue to multiply annually, and since 1975 have even increased by over 35% in people below 39 years of age.
  • Chronic diseases are mainly related to our gut / nutrition system.

The weight loss industry, the wellness industry, the fitness industry: despite trillions of dollars spent on these institutions every year, none of them is solving or reducing the increasing health crisis around the world.
  • 99% of diet and exercise ‘solutions’ are failing to tackle the root cause of our health challenges.
  • There’s no sugarcoating the truth, virtually every popular approach to nutrition, weight loss and fitness simply does not work.
  • And whether you’ve tried to eat better, eat less, exercise better, or exercise more - you’ll have experienced this frustrating reality firsthand.
  • Yo-yo weight loss, will power struggles, nonexistent or plateauing results and soul-crushing relapses are all common symptoms for anyone who’s tried a typical diet or workout plan.

And it’s all for one simple reason: By focusing solely on ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’, the billion-dollar industries that are supposed to help you, are in fact ignoring the 8 key scientific markers that dramatically shape how you look and feel:

The approach is broken. The advice is broken. The common understanding of a holistic and permanent solution is broken.

The approach is broken. The advice is broken. The common understanding of a holistic and permanent solution is broken.

The approach is broken. The advice is broken. The common understanding of a holistic and permanent solution is broken.

But today you can embrace the solution: and even become a part of it.

The solution? A 360 degree approach that covers ALL the bases of lifelong wellness and performance.

We’ve reached a point in time where guesswork, compromises and painful sacrifices for physical wellness are no longer necessary. In fact the solution to lifelong health and peak performance is crystal-clear for everyone who knows where to look.

Because by harnessing the 8 key scientific markers of human wellness - which include:
- not only diet
- or exercise,
- but social psychology,
- environment,
- individual physiology,
- and more.

It is now possible to permanently transform every measure of any person’s health, fitness, and even longevity far easily and rapidly than once thought possible.

How would it feel to turn peak health into your new normal?

How would your life change if eating the right food, exercising regularly and optimally, and making the healthiest lifestyle choices came to you as effortlessly as breathing?

In this state, your daily habits, your thoughts and emotions, your innermost programming: every fiber of your being is now perfectly and effortlessly synchronized with the peak body you want to live in. With zero struggle or resistance.

You love what you see in the mirror.

You feel stronger, more energetic, and more youthful than ever before. Your aches, pains, and creaky joints have vanished.

You perform at your absolute best every day in every area in your life, with nothing to hold you back.

But perhaps most rewarding of all: you’re even able to create this permanent body and life transformation in the people around you - from your partner and family, to your friends, social or professional partners.

All this becomes not just possible, but inevitable with…HOLOBODY the premier holistic health and fitness coaching. The solution to your own life-changing body breakthrough."


"Thank you so much for compassion, wisdom, and amazing ability to help me be my best version of myself 💕💕💕 you are a gift"
Angela W.

"Thank you so much for caring. I am in Doha now. I will stay in gym next week. Did some home training but I do meditation every day change my life really. I will arrange time free with you to do exercise online, have a great week
Thank you🙏"

"You are awesome Carmen! Thank you. I have learned important points with you ❤️"
Fabiola L.A. ( Los Angeles )

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