Peonia Amentia offers even more than any other of our outlets. Born from a deep compassion and a desire to be of service and “Really” impact the lives of those suffering from various types of Dementia. After one of the first sessions of Hypnotherapy that our founder, Carmen Keller, practiced following her certification on a friend of hers suffering since 15 years from Parkinson, the results were astonishing.

Her friend feedack was: “You brought back a sense of hope in my life, as I can now switch off my tremors at will”. M.L.

Peonia Amentia is like all our other outlets, based on the latest progress in the concept of Wholistic Wellness and Wellbeing, incorporated with the latest progress in the concepts of Wellness Real Estate and Science of Longevity.

But the concept and design draw deep care principles, in a deeper multi sensory approach than in our Peonia Real Estate Design Principles.

We do know that people suffering from Alzheimer relate very strongly to sensory stimulations. For visually impaired persons, the type of materials used on the floor, the sound and feet vibration, the marks on the walls, the smells ... are all guidelines for their movements.

The care brought to the residents is aligned with Peonia’s Biohacking Principles. It goes beyond working hand in hand with our medical and W-holistic team, to integrate all the latest findings which are helping our residents improve their life.

As in all our residences, an Avyanna center is an essential part of the services offered, all under full monitoring.

Technical Data
Although each Residence might slightly change, one from another, all are created around a common core of activities and principles.

All fully handicapped friendly.

The Avyanna non invasive treatments regrouping:
  • Evaluation/ coaching room
  • 24 / 7 medical assistant
  • Dry massage and dry treatments such as compressing therapy
  • Light and sound therapy room
  • Hyperbaric chamber with oxygen therapy room
  • Cryotherapy chamber
  • Detoxification room
  • Float with sound and light therapy
  • Far infrared sauna
  • An exercise pool
  • A TenX engineered exercise room, with gravity plate and vacuum equipment
  • Oxygen and singlet oxygen
  • Daily step by step accountability partner:
    • Personal or online daily follow up through qualified staff.
    • Membership on Avyanna APP.
  • Rooms for classes and various training
Each cluster of a village contains:
  • 6 to 8 rooms or suites depending on the type of the village
  • A living in certified specialized nurse
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dinning
  • Library with Piano
  • Salon
  • Large gardens with private seatings
  • Service area:
    • Laundry
    • House Keeping room
    • Linen room
    • Cloak room
    • Storage