The Retreats are aiming to develop in their guests, the feeling of having found their ultimate safe heavens and restore their bodies, minds and spirits balance, aiming at promoting longevity, where they will be able to totally resource themselves, through wellness and wellbeing activities, mindfulness and awareness practices, while also having access to different cultural activities, such as painting, sculpture, music, courses of history of arts.

To define the Boutique Hotel branch, we added the term Abbasia to Peonia (from the Latin for all what is related to an Abbey.

As our first aim is that our properties, when established in Europe, are built in ancient monasteries, convents and ancient dwellings with a spiritual past, to create a unique experience in those exceptionally positively powered places, where the wellbeing process is presented inside historical buildings rich of its past and traditional positive energy revived by sustainable designs, sourcing at the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui and embracing a holistic approach to life.

In the cases of new buildings, they are all created following golden ratio geometry and the other design principles as established in Peonia.

Peonia Abbasia retreats are linked to promotional groups such as Healing Hotels of the World, Wellness Real-estate affiliation and Eco-luxury.

Technical Data
Although each Retreats might slightly change, one from another, all are created around a common core of activities and principles. All retreats are full handicapped friendly.

The Avyanna invasive treatments regrouping:
  • Hormonal Center
  • Biome Center
  • Nutrition Center working in full coordination with Biome Center
  • Various Test and labs room
  • Various IV rooms

The Avyanna non invasive treatments regrouping:
  • An evaluation/ coaching room
  • Bio-energetic room
  • Bio Feedback room
  • Dry massage and dry treatments such as compressing therapy
  • Light and sound therapy room
  • Hyperbaric chamber with oxygen therapy room
  • Cryotherapy chamber
  • Detoxification room
  • Float with sound and light therapy
  • Dry float
  • Far infrared sauna
  • Pro aging rooms for body
  • Pro aging room for facial
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • A TenX engineered exercise room, with gravity plate and vacuum equipment
  • Oxygen and singlet oxygen
  • Daily step by step accountability partner:
    • Personal or online daily follow up through qualified staff
    • Membership on Avyanna APP
  • Rooms for classes and various training

Cultural and creative activities:
  • Music room
  • Painting, Sculpture…Room
  • Library

Our food outlet :
Prasada , following our ‘from farm to table’ principle, offering organic food

Large gardens with various pool types

Rooms and Suites
build on the Wellness Real Estate Principles